BK Design is a studio in Asheville, North Carolina. It is our firm belief that good design and sensible markup not only looks better but is better value, due to it's accessibility and ubiquity.

The internet changes daily and we keep up with those changes both for our clients and for ourselves. We know which technologies to use and when to use them.

Job production and accountability is backed by a 100% positive response rate with references and analytics to prove it.

We have worked for a national inter-collegiate exchange program, development companies that net greater than $2m annually, an accredited college, a film festival, several major arts organizations, motion graphics houses and a handful of museums. Just to name a few.

Our tools of choice are the triumvirate of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for style, PHP/MySQL for performance, Flash when necessary.

We can arrange for hosting and provide yearly maintenance contracts, we guarantee swift updates and can hand you a Content Management System when you want it.
(Social Networks optional.)